Friday, December 28, 2012

What Men Should Never Say To A Woman

I recently read this article on ChaCha about what you should never say to women... and I think it's funny. So I'm going to break it down and add my opinions on the list.

1. "Don't tell a woman that she can't drive, or that women in general are bad drivers."
Agreed. You look sexist, first of all. Second of all... just because she doesn't drive how YOU want her to, doesn't mean she can't drive. Maybe you make her nervous? Now, if she has wrecked numerous cars or been in one too many fender benders, then yes, maybe she is a bad driver. But if you simply think she drives too fast, or doesn't slow down enough in a curve, or take a route you don't approve of (You know who you are) doesn't mean she is a bad driver. She's just different than you.

2. "Have You Gained Weight?"
It says "Never even imply that a woman is fat. Don't do it, under any circumstances! Not even if:

a. She's bone thin.
b. It's a joke.
c. She really is fat.
d. She just called you fat.

I agree with this as well. Not because I think it's just rude (which it is... whether you are a boy or a girl) but because this does a number on a woman's psyche. Those few words can make a woman enter a downward spiral of binging, throwing up, starving herself, hurting herself, and ruins that confidence you love about them. Men like confident women. Whether they are fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, etc. If you are confident in yourself, it is a good quality that men like (or so I hear).

Plus it's rude. And it would make you an asshole.

3. "I've Dated a Lot of Women."
This can actually go both ways. No woman wants to hear about all the women you have dated, slept with, etc. They don't want to be compared to her. Imagine her feelings when you are like... "Oh yeah this one time my ex did this... God that was the best sex ever." Uh hello! You basically just told your girl that she was mediocre in the sack. Talk about rude. The article states that you should never say something like "Don't worry. I've been with bigger women than you." First of all... HAHAHAHAHAHA! I would laugh in your face. That would be the end of ANY activity we had going on. Second of all, that is like combining 2 & 3 together. Breaking TWO rules in one. And again... it makes you an asshole.

4. "You're Just Like Your Mother."
This may be good SOMETIMES. But other times girls just don't want to hear this. Are you attracted to their mother? Do you want to be with them instead? That is the thought going through her head. OR... if it's a bad quality, then they start picking apart the relationship and what they do and how much it may or may not annoy you. You are just asking for trouble.

5. "You're Just Like My Mother."
Again... don't do this. Do you want to date your mom? No. So don't give her the idea that you are attracted to her because she is like your mother. It's a bit creepy!

6. "She's So Hot."
See, this doesn't bother me that much. We are creatures of passion. We notice things. Like how people look. Girls say "oh he's so hot!" and guys do it too. We are BOTH guilty of this. Maybe if you do it ALL the time, then that could be cut down on a bit. Or if you say things like "I wish you looked like her." Yeah... no. Doing it too much can make a girl insecure and jealous (just like the article says), but it doesn't mean you can't comment ever. We all do it. It's natural.

7. "How Old Are You?"
I don't see the big deal. Maybe I'm not quite to the stage where I'm freaked out by my age, but this doesn't seem like a big deal. The article says if you DO bring it up, guess at least 10 years younger than she probably is. But this can still get you in trouble because she may think you are just being a smartass. Unless you think she's underage... don't ask. And if you think she might be... maybe you should be looking for someone older.

8. "Make Me a Sandwich."
This is hilarious. I have a male friend (Who shall remain nameless) who says that this is his first feeling after sex. They get hungry. Now I do not think women should wait on men all the time, but I think that there are certain ways to ask for this. Don't demand it. Or tell her to do it (the article says this.) Ask her. A simple, "hey babe, can you make me a sandwich?" might get you a long way.

9. "Call Her the Wrong Name."
Yeah... I have nothing to say but... RUN!

10. "Do You Want a Picture of My Junk?"
The article is actually talking about prior to the first date or when you are brand new in a relationship. I agree. You look like an epic creeper and I will run for the hills. That is all.

So yeah... maybe I'll find a list of things women shouldn't say to men and comment on those later!

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