Friday, March 5, 2010

Florida to L.A. and back again...

On February 1st, one of my best friends, who all of you should know well, Nikki, and myself made a 4 day road trip across the U.S. to the west coast. Where you ask would we be going... Los Angeles. Lost Angeles.... the city of high maintenance, blonde hair, and fake boobs. It seemed to be going well... and then suddenly money was dwindling... no money was coming in... and I missed my kid more than I craved air to breath. So taking in my friends being nearby, a good place for AOD to grow, and an all around fun city.... or my child and the familiarity of home. In those list... the only thing that stood out was my child. So I made the decision and bought a plane ticket, spent hundreds of dollars shipping some of my belongings, and saying goodbye to things I was growing use to... and came back to Florida.

Now I miss California and everything it offered and the bright warm sunshine. Venice beach was really nice too... the culture is amazing. But the smile on my daughter's face when I stepped out of the car was priceless. She has me attached to her hip and won't let me out of her site, but I would rather have it that way than not seeing her. She looks as if she has grown a ton and I am so excited to see her. So even though I might be missing out on stuff out in L.A... there is nothing saying I can't go back and nothing saying I won't go back. Afterall... I did make a promise. And I am getting to be with Payton. All in all... a good decision.