Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random thoughts

So I was thinking yesterday that I absolutely love my friends. I have two groups of friends. Ones that have been my friends since I was a kid... or ones that have met me in the recent years and have decided that although I am a tad crazy at times that my positives out-weight my negatives.

I am completely aware of the fact that people either love me or hate me. There really is no in between. I speak what's on my mind, even when sometimes I should shut my mouth because what falls out hurts someone's feelings, and most of the time my filter is malfunctioning or completely out of service. I'm a bitch. That's ok with me. If being a bitch means that I say what I mean, I don't mind being the bad guy when needed, and I will threaten the life of anyone who touches, talks about, or looks wrong at my family or friends. I am loyal, honest when it matters (let's be honest... everyone lies), and I find myself absolutely hilarious. Would I be friends with me? Hell yeah!

Praising myself or spilling my flaws is not the point of this blog. The point is that I absolutely adore my friends. I love that I have friends that will tell me its ok to eat four eggs (scrambled with veggies, cheese, and meat) at midnight as long as I finish the entire plate... "Waste not want not", or as soon as I tweet or FB that I'm pissed they all jump asking "Who do we need to kill?", "What did those bitches do?", or "What's the matter?". Always there.

I love that although 2011 was not the best year (between cars breaking, bills, moving, and just high emotions at times - I DON'T like emotions...) I laughed until I cried, I said stupid things, I smiled until my cheeks hurt, and I got to do things and meet people I never would have otherwise gotten to meet.

So... on that note... Thanks to all those who helped make a semi-crap year fan-freakin-tastic. Hopefully 2012 will be even better.

Signing out...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top 5 of 2011

2011 was not the best year... but it was ok.

Top 5 Favorite Moments
1. Michael Phelps tweeting me Happy Birthday. (Hell... yeah!)
2. Sam coming to visit in Florida for a couple days. I've never laughed more.
3. SBL weekend in Michigan
4. Trips to Asheville!
5. Crumbles... the ultimate new nickname. (And Crumbly)

Top 5 Bands/Artists I fell in love with
1. Jordan Jansen (he's 13... in love with his music... not him. You weirdos!)
2. Ed Sheeran
3. Jana Kramer
4. Adele
5. Justin Bieber (I'm a little late, but that kid is talented! Love the Biebs!)

Top 5 Shows (New)
1. Revenge
2. New Girl
3. The Secret Circle
4. Swamp People (because this is the single greatest show ever to exist!)
5. Nail Files (Katie is hilarious!)

Top 5 Celebs added to my 'Fuckit List'
1. Chris Hemsworth
2. Jensen Ackles - The dude was hot before,  but damn!
3. Tom Felton - I know he's been around, but I just noticed how gorgeous this man is!
4. Ben Bass - Before you judge me on this... watch Rookie Blue.
5. Aaron Carter - Don't ask...

Top 5 Movies (In no particular order)
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
2. Breaking Dawn, Part 1
3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
4. The Help
5. Water for Elephants

Top 5 Books (that I read in 2011)
1. Lovely Shadows by Kendra Kilbourn
2. Catch Me by Lisa Gardner
3. Love You More by Lisa Gardner
4. The Hunger Games series (all 3 books)
5. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen