Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Little... Oral Exam!

Admit it. You clicked on this blog because of the name? I know... I'm a genius.

Ok... ok. I'll tone down the arrogance. Thank you for tuning in. This late, Saturday night blog is about oral. Mainly, men giving great pleasure to a woman's nether region. Lady bits. A little cunnilingus, if you will.

How many men out there think they give the BEST oral exams? I bet you all raised your hands. It may be true. It may not be true. Who am I to judge without having experienced it. I will tell you this. Orgasm's stemming from this are amazing.

For those who do not know... women tend to orgasm more from oral than from actual sex. And for those who do not know why... stop trying to go down on girls. No, just kidding. It's simply because it's direct stimulation to a women's small bundle of nerves, called her clit. Are we up to speed now?

Giving a girl mind blowing pleasure with oral is not a few thrusts of your tongue and a wiggle back and forth. No no. One... we need technique. You have to know what you are doing. Ask a lesbian. She'll tell you what to do. Girls typically need a little... warming up... before sex. Otherwise sex can be painful, or really hard to reach our orgasm.

Look at it like this. Give her lady bits a kiss. No weird jabbing. Long strokes with your tongue. A little sucking. Maybe even a bit of nibbling. Take a moment to kiss the inside of her thigh. Maybe a slight break to stroke her with your hand. And if you get a little tired, press your tongue flat against her and let her do the work. I guarantee she'll rock her hips against your mouth, if she wasn't already. This is kind of like the equivalent to a girl being on top. Which is another way to give a bit of oral. Let her sit on your face. But that's another time.

Now... the most important thing is to read her body and her reactions. You'll know what she likes by her reactions. Here are a few key points as to her enjoyment.

1. Her breathing: It will pick up. Maybe a gasp here or there.
2. Temperature: Her heart rate will pick up (great cardio) and she will get hot. Maybe a little sweaty. Beads of sweat on her chest. I hear guys like that.
3. Stomach muscles clench: Her body is starting to react on it's own.
4. Grasps at your head and presses it harder into her body.
5. And finally: her body becomes frantic-like. Her rocking hips become uncoordinated. And she becomes... well.. frantic. She's almost there. She may tell you that. Scream your name. Call out to Jesus.

And then it happens. Explosion. With a great orgasm, your vision goes blurry or blacks out for a moment. Her back arches. Fists clench in the sheets, your hair, back of your head, etc. Her thighs tense and likely scissor to your head. And a good "UNFFFFFF..." escapes.

Give yourself a round of applause.

I hope everyone has experienced really good oral. Male or female alike. I have. Have you?

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