Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(1) FINE -this is the word women use to end an... argument when they know they are RIGHT & YOU need to SHUT UP. 
(2) NOTHING -means SOMETHING & u need to be WORRIED 
(3) GO AHEAD -this is a dare, NOT permission DO NOT DO IT. 
(4) WHATEVER -is a woman's way of saying F*YOU. 
(5) THAT'S OK -she is thinking long & hard on HOW & WHEN you will pay for your mistake

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Success: How Is It Measured?

At age 4, success if....... not peeing your pants.
At age 12, success is.....having friends.
At age 17, success is.....having a drivers license.
At age 20, success is.....having sex.
At age 35, success is.....having money.
At age 50, success is.....having money.
At age 60, success is.....having sex.
At age 70, success is.....having a drivers license.
At age 75, success is.....having friends.
At age 80, success is.....not peeing in your pants.

Oh how the tables reverse....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amazing People... Amazing Things

You always hear about the little things in life that make it worth while.... well I know what my favorite thing is. It's when you find something virtually undiscovered and it basically reaches into you and touches something in your soul and you just know that it's going to be important, big, or whatever. That is the best. I find myself having this feeling a lot with what I do. I couldn't ask for a better job. Unpaying or not... what I do is probably the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. When I see posts or get emails from people thanking us for having a guest on, or sending them a prize, or just doing what we do... it is so rewarding.

I also love finding undiscovered talent. For instance, recenty I started helping a longtime friend from back home (Michigan) with a book she is writing. Now she has written many books, most of which I've never read or even heard of, but I happened to stumble upon her website and read some snippets from her upcoming book 'Lovely Shadows' and I was instantly drawn in. This book is going to be something. What? I don't know... but someone is going to read it and love it as much as I do.

I tend to take on a lot of projects and sometimes they don't always get done, but this one is. People tell me that I shouldn't be messing with someone's career because I don't have a degree in Public Relations. What exactly is public relations? From my understand and who I have worked with, it is simply believing and pushing along someone that is trying to reach their dreams. You simply have to believe in them and believe in the project. How hard is that? I was told that I couldn't book talent and two years later I book for what I would like to believe is one of the most successful talk radio shows online. When people tell me I can't do something, it just pushes me that much more. I will do it. I can do it. And the best part is proving people wrong. I'm going to be somebody. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 10's of 2010

Seems the year is over I figured it was time for me to share some of my favorite things of this year. So here it goes. None of the lists are in any certain order. Just random.

Top 10 Favorite Moments
1. Vicky coming to stay for 2 months!
2. Road trippin from Orlando to Los Angeles in a big ass Penske truck!
3. Eatin' straight up bayou food for the first time ever!
4. Being approached by a clown on Venice Beach which caused laughing and crying at the same time.
5. Eyecon: True Blood 2010
6. Meeting all the new people I did this year (Mostly AOD and CMS girls)
7. Quoting comedians, movies, tv shows, and just funny shit with my girls while laughing for hours.
8. Seeing my daughters face when I returned from L.A.
9. Palamo 100 Monkeys Concert.... you had to be there to understand.

Top 10 Bands/Artists I fell in love with
1. Chester See
2. Christina Perri
3. Bruno Mars
4. Pop Evil
5. Jason Mraz
6. Pink
7. Katy Perry
8. Disturbed
9. Lady Gaga
10. The Boxer Rebellion

Top 10 Shows
1. One Tree Hill
2. Criminal Minds
3. Law and Order: SVU
4. Hellcats
5. True Blood
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Life Unexpected
8. Pretty Little Liars
9. Supernatural
10. Rookie Blue

Top 10 Celebs added to my 'Fuckit List'
1. Ian Somerhalder
2. Alexander Skarsgard
3. Joe Manganiello
4. Liam Hemsworth
5. Shemar Moore
6. Ryan Reynolds
7. Shia Labeouf
8. Kellan Lutz
9. Jess Williams
10. Channing Tatum

Top 10 Movies
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
2. Letters to Juliet
3. Just Wright
4. Paranormal Activity 2
5. Killers
6. Going the Distance
7. The Crazies
8. Inception
9. The Social Network
10. Unstoppable