Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 10 Reasons The Nova Echo Rocks!

The Nova Echo! They are an absolutely extrodinary band! I don't want to waste words on a long explanation!

Here it is...


10. They're hot! Caleb is gorgeous... the guys are freaking fine... That's it!

9. They know how to party! On the interview on BlogTalkRadio they said they drank 2 kegs worth of beer... and might I mention four loko...

8. They are the funniest group of guys ever! Penis sheith anyone? Edible underwear? Pineapple flavored jelly bellys? That's what I though.

7. They eat Chinese while doing an interview! Chinese food is delicious, I agree. Only they can pull off actually stuffing their faces while talking on the radio! And then read their fortunes to us. (Don't forget to add 'in bed' to the end of it guys'.)

6. They rename very well known restaurants FuckDonalds! Can you figure out which restaurant this was?

5. They love swearing just as much as we do! The word fuck, shit, damn, ass, or hell comes out of their mouths at least once every sentence! And they say nipple a lot! HAHA

4. Caleb tells our wonderful friend Vicky he wants to touch her words.... HAHAHA! Her accent is seductive! LMAO!

3. They have a song with no meaning... but want the fans to voice their thoughts on what it means. EPIC!

2. Of course we have to mention the fact that the music is AMAZING! Catchy beats that make you want to dance and romantic lyrics that make your heart melt! That Caleb is a bit of a hopeless romantic I'd say!

1. They are FUCKIN AMAZING! Nuf said!

I would like to thank Nikki for helping me make this ever wonderful list of brilliant reasons The Nova Echo is the shit! I can say... they have these two fans for LIFE!


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