Thursday, June 18, 2009


Moving freakin sucks! I absolutely hate moving! But again... I am doing it. I have 2 days... and know what... I was given a 3 day warning. That is it. Oh well, I am excited to move onto my next adventure. Gonna be saving some money, helping out my momma, and going to some wicked fucking concerts.

That is probably my most favorite part. I got Awesome ass Spencer Bell concert on August 15th with Nikki and hopefully Vicky. I have kick ass Eyecon weekend with Nikki and hopefully Vicky and The Nove Echo! Can not fuckin wait! Then I have a week back in the big Triple Ripple, Michigan. It has been 3 1/2 years since I went home to Michigan. Been quite a while, but I am excited. My friend Cassie is getting married and I am the bridesmaid. Lots to do... but sooooo excited to do it. I can not wait. Cross your fingers that everything works out and I get to go. WOO HOO!

Well, that is enough of this rambling... Until next time! *bow out gracefully*

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