Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random little blunders...

First off... is blunders a word!? If not... it is today! So moving on... My day was amusing. Nothing really happened... just amused at life. Yesterday I totally dropped the ball when I got an unexpected phone call from a number that probably should have been saved in my phone. It wasn't... I got stuck on stupid. Enough said. But today... I picked the ball back up, brushed it off, and moved on. I rock again!

I am doing something rather amusing right now. Nikki and myself are writing a little something something. It has me laughing out loud and startling my daughter in her sleep. That is good. You would find it amusing. Did you know they have funny drink names? Like... leg spreader and Muff Diver. Uh huh! You heard me. How about a naughty schoolgirl. This is actually very delicious. It is a fruity drink and comes with a lollipop stick out of it. Very nice touch!

Ok... nothing left to ramble about... well, plenty to... but I won't. Four Loko anyone...

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