Thursday, June 11, 2009

THE 'I hate your face' Kristin

How was I to know that a simple phrase would catch on so quickly. Everyone is now refering to me as THE 'I hate your face' Kristin. Even Jonathan Clay said it and has said he is going to continue to say it to people. It is spreading like wildfire. My friend Nichole, who actually said it to me the first time I heard it... is mad... LOL. She loves me. It is not my fault I picked it up and say it NONstop! Ask anyone I associate with. It spills out of my mouth like word vomit!

I even have random people emailing me. It is quite amusing! I got an email from someone who listened to the ArtistsOnDemand show with Jonathan Clay and emailed me wanting to know if this was me! Funny right! I thought so...

Anyway... enough about me... I hate your faces!

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