Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Love Life

I have noticed more and more lately that I hear people (and I am guilty of this too) talk about the What Ifs of the future. What if I do this and this happens. What if I try this and I fail. What if I fall in love and my heart gets broken.

My response... What if? What is going to happen if you try something new and you hate it? You've learned something about yourself. What if you make a change in your life and you fail? You get up and try again. Make changes and try different things until it does work. What if you fall in love and that person breaks your heart? It's going to happen at some point. Everyone has pain in their life. Everyone suffers heart break at some point.

From someone who has been there... it sucks. I know this. You know this. Hence why you are trying to avoid it. For me, though, all those heart breaks, failures, and attempts were worth it. They teach you things. They teach you things about yourself and what you expect and will take. They teach what you can handle. They teach you about other people and what types of people you want to surround yourself with and which you do not.

You're going to be able to recover. Try things. Don't worry about "What if this relationship fails?" Take charge and TRY! Because thing about it. What if you don't fail? What if that relationship is THE relationship? What if that person is THE person? What if you find something you are amazing at? Meet someone new? Those are memories. I know that not all my friendships, relationships, and attempts and different things in life have gone accordingly to plan. But I appreciate every last one of those experiences. They are memories I can not replace. They are amazing times with amazing people. Don't regret those moments you didn't try!

I enjoy experiences even if I don't expect them to last. You may NEVER get to have that moment again. Grasp it. Embrace it. If you are happy, who cares if it could be heartache later. You are happy now. Don't spoil anything with a "What if..." moment. That What If will come back to bite you.

And regrets are not good. That experience you let pass because you were worried what COULD happen. I've had that event I didn't attend, but I wished I would. That guy I should have admitted my feelings for. Things might be different now had those feelings been admitted all those years ago. But you have to live with those things. So don't let those happen. Embrace life. Love every experience, good and bad. Because even though things may hurt... that pain fades and something amazing comes along.

Love life!

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