Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some random stuff...

I haven't actually written anything in here in a bit, so I thought I owed it to myself to empty out my head. In just over 24 hours I will be heading off to work for a few hours and then to Orlando. Staying at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center to see The Nova Echo perform... and Gil Birmingham! How freakin awesome is that! I have been counting down the days since May 9th when I first saw TNE and the time has arrived. My friend Sarah has downloaded some random monkey videos onto her Iphone as well... "Keep Awake"... that one is going to be fun to listen to. Especially when you've been drinking! Anyway... following this weekend, October 2nd I leave for a trip to Michigan to be in one of my best friend's weddings on the 10th! Yay! I wish some people would be there, but... oh well! I shall have fun! It's Three Rivers... kinda scare LOL!

I also want to thank my friends real quick... you know who you are! The ones that go an extra mile to send me something funny or nice or say something that just makes my day. It's even better when it is first thing in the morning. I love those early morning wake up messages. Thanks to you!

And now it's off to the real world... Work! One more day... one more day... one more day!

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