Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A little blip... at 1 a.m...

It's almost 1 a.m. That is insane! I should be sleeping, but of course I am not. My beautiful daughter will be up in... approximately 6 hours and be sure to pull my hair if I do not wake up with her. Got to love kids!

Normally I have a purpose for writing a blog. Tonight... I'm gonna ramble. I have been talking to Gallie... aka Camille... (I do not know what she wants to be called these days) and we have hit many great topics... so lets discuss.

Scary movies! What the fuck has happened to the world. Scary movies are not what they use to be. On top of that... people like to ruin perfectly good scary movies by remaking them and/or adding sequels that do not belong. For instance... Urban Legends. Amazing movie... Holy craptastic sequel. It BLEW! Whoever produced it... try again! Not to be rude... but come on! The first one was amazing! Mass murderers in the backseats of cars, the room mate dying while you sleep right next to them and think they are just being ungodly loud and having sex... that is awesome. People getting killed while you film a little movie project... not so much. The final destination movies are awesome. more suspense than scary though. My personal favorite... the guy getting chopped in half by the electrical wires. That was priceless. Although I almost shed a tear when he asked the girl to hide his drug paraphanalia. That pulled on the heart strings a bit. Ok... moving on...

Men! I love men, don't get me wrong... but sometimes I wonder. I like smart guys. Smart guys that are able to hold a conversation with you. I want to have my brain stimulated... not just my genitals guys! Sorry! Let's set some ground rules. I do not like stalkers. Please do not creep outside my house to see what I'm doing or where I am going. Please do not get jealous if I hang out with my guy friends... especially the gay ones. For that matter, please do not get jealous if I hang out with my girlfriends... I still love you! Do not tell me you are going out to the strip joint in hope that I will get jealous. It won't work. In fact... I migth join you for entertainment purposes.

Last thing about guys... please please please do not judge me by looks. I understand that there has to be something there... but do not judge me by the size of my waist. It pisses me off... and I tend to be bitchy when irritated. I have an AMAZING personality (if I do say so myself) and I love hanging out and having a good time. So please... spend a moment or two with me... see if you like my personality... then move from there. You may be walking away from your best friend just because you are too blind to see what is underneath. I've had a kid.. stressed a lot... and not enough time in my day... give me a break... I'm working on it.

And last... I just watched an amazing movie... everyone should see it! The Ugly Truth! It is soooo true. Watch it, learn it, love it! Every girl wants their prince charming... but I' more of the jeans and t-shirt kind of girl than the shining armor type. I want someone who will tell me when I am being a bitch. Someone who will go through every CD in the house with me until we find that perfect song, hold me when I need comfort, laugh at me when I need to smile, forgive my past mistakes, have long talks about nothing and everything at the same time! Share life stories with me, play me in army of two on the xbox and not let me win, argue over the remote with, go for walks, loves to go out and have a good time, but also stay in and relax with movies and beer. And last, but definitely not least.... love me AND my daughter unconditionally. We are a pair. You don't get one without the other.

Is that so much to ask? Just for you to be you? I would hope not...


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