Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...

Do you ever wonder why you even try sometimes. I know that everything I do is for a reason. I know that I am proud of my hard work, no matter what it is I am working on. There are just times that I sit and wonder why I push myself to those levels.

It just makes me wonder...

Anyway, onto a happier note... I love meeting new people. I have met so many new people these past couple of months that have shaped my life in so many different ways that I wonder sometimes if they are better friends than ones I have known my entire life. I love it. I love meeting people you just yearn to talk to. I've met a couple of those recently and it makes me wish I could talk to them more.

I hate all of their faces... I do! Some more than others! hehe!

Another case of word vomit from me.


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