Friday, August 10, 2012

Do Men Really Listen?

Have you ever been sitting with your guy talking and you ask a question, he doesn't answer, and then turns to you with that dumb look? Yeah, most women have. Is it so hard to pay attention? Someone once tried to tell me that women's voices are at a higher octave than men's brains can comprehend. Sounds like something a man would make up.

Know what else drives me crazy? When you ask a man a question and they answer like this...

Me: Hey, do you want Chinese or Pizza for dinner?
Him: Yeah.
Me: ....

WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!? It was not a yes or no question. It was a choice that you had to make. And your answer is "yeah"? Could you get more annoying? Just answer the damn question. Pay attention. It is not that hard of a concept.

The funny thing is that they do this so often that you do not think they are EVER listening and then they shock you. You will talk about random stuff, things you want, things you love, etc, etc and you never think they are paying attention. But then.... BUT THEN.... they randomly pull it out of no where. Like... surprise you with a movie you've "Always wanted to see" or show up with a present of your all time favorite snack that you hardly ever get. Little things. It's always little things. Or they point out completely random things you do that you never noticed. So perceptive... yet when you TRY to talk to them they never pay attention.

I'll never understand men. It would be in your best interest to never try too hard to understand them. The mystery is more exciting anyway.


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