Thursday, November 25, 2010

World's Weirdest Sex Toys

I had the urge to know what some of the freaks in our world had come up with in the world of sex toys. So I googled it... naturally. Google knows all after all. I was quite amazed by some of the things people come up with. I guess you gotta get it somewhere... right?

1. Artificial Hymen
Yes... you heard me correctly. An artificial hymen. The sex-toy company Gigimodo invented this little thing. Apparently it is to either relive your cherry poppin' moment or to make someone believe you are a virgin. Now why you would want to do EITHER of those things is beyond me... but apparently that is what it is for. It's made of fake blood and a plastic bag. Both of which I just hope and pray will go up into my lady bits... (kidding of course). Either way... this ones a big no for me!

2. Head O' State Obama Sex Toy

When I look at President Obama I do not see something I want to shove up my vadge. I mean, seriously people? That's fucked up even for the best of us. Now make me a Johnny Depp dildo any day, but Obama... no. This even comes in two different colors of Democratic Blue and Presidential Gold for the low price of $34.95.

3. Cup Nude

Now this is just disturbing. When I think of a a cup of noodles... I never would have though... we should make this a sex toy type of thing. but it is. And it even has "Gently Acid Lotion". The word Acid should never be put on your genitals. So this one is a 10 on the weird scale!

4. Hello Kitty Vibrator

This is just wrong. It was first shown as a neck massager, but really... look at it. I want to know how this was suppose to be a neck massager and how they didn't expect all those kinky asian girls to use this another way. It's just disturbing that its hello kitty. Seriously... freaks me out.

5. The Concubine Masturbator

This is quite interesting. It's got everything! Even untamed pubs! The least they could do is make it into a cool little design. But either way, this little device is quite interesting. I have nothing else to say on this matter.

So there are five funny, crazy, and downright weird sex toys. Enjoy this... I did.

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