Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's one of those days where you feel the need to tell everyone you are thankful for them. Maybe because its Thanksgiving Day... but I don't think it is necessary to say it. The people that are closest to you don't need to hear it, as you should be showing them in your every day actions, while the ones that don't matter don't matter. I do however wish there were a few other people around today to enjoy the holidays with. My dad for one. Unfortunately he is too far away to be able to spend it with. My family up in Michigan... one of these days I'll get vacation around a holiday and be able to join them. My two grandfathers who unfortunately are no longer here and just have to watch from up above. And a few other choice people who know who they are.

I can tell you that a four day weekend has been very nice so far (only one day in) and I am looking forward to relaxing and just spending some time with the family and my beautiful child through this weekend. To all my friends and family, you mean the world to me and I love you. Now... back to the posts that are inappropriate.

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