Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Ok... So I went and saw this movie last night. BTW... Thank you to my friend Nikki for referring me to it. It scared the piss out of me. I want EVERYONE to go see this movie... because for those of you who will make fun of me... I have NO shame! I shook, I hid halfway behind my hoody, I cried, I clenched the shit out of my friends hand, and I screamed. The whole damn audience screamed. This was the scariest movie I have ever seen. Most movies use music and sound effects to scare the piss out of you. This was scary because of the eery quietness of the movie. It got so silent that your ears would make that throbbing weird noise that made you know something was going to happen and then something small happened and you sighed with relief. The last 20 minutes of this movie was utterly terrifying.

I would like to say that I would have broke up with that girl a LOOOOOOONG time ago if I was that guy. Fuck that! Fuck her! And fuck all that shit that was happening in that house. You couldn't pay me enough to stay there with her. She is freaking and I would have stabbed her had she been doing a possessed freaking staring walk thing through the house the way she was. Fuck that! Anyway... go see it. It is amazing. And the director is a freaking genius because he made it on like... $11,000 dollars. One of the reviews I read from someone was "the most terrifying thing about this movie is that directors will be terrified at production companies telling them they don't need millions of dollars for special effects to scare the shit out of people." Needless to say... go pee before you watch it! Ok... so here is a trailer... fucking does it some justice... but it is a million times worse.

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