Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Your Call NC...

I'm a bit outraged. North Carolina passed a law that will ban same sex marriages. This law was already in place in North Carolina before, but now it is solidified yet again. To those who voted for this ridiculous law, do you realize what it makes you look like? It makes you look like a bunch of ignorant assholes that feel it is your place to tell others what to believe in.

Isn't their some rule against mixing church and state? What on earth made it the governments right to tell someone who they can love and who they can not love? I'm not a nonreligious person. I have beliefs. I believe in God. I sure as hell hope that me being buried 6 feet under is not the last thing ever. How utterly depressing is that.

I am a firm believer that those without sin should cast the first stone. That is my problem with religious people. I'd say a good 90% of the time... judgement comes from those who live by the "don't judge others because God said so" standards. You can't place a law against marrying someone of the same sex because your bible says so.

Freedom of religion. Remember that? It's a constitutionally guaranteed right. They say banning gay marriage has nothing to do with church, yet the primary reason they say it's wrong is because the bible says so. Let me say this... I've read the bible. I don't believe for a second that God would send you off to the fire pits of hell because you loved someone of the same sex. Honestly... think about that.

How is this any different than discriminating against people of other colors back in the day? Telling a gay person they can't get married is equivalent to telling someone of African American decent that they can't sit at the front of a bus. We see how well that turned out. They say we've grown up since the years of discriminating, but really it just evolved with us. If it's not one thing it's another. We've manage to allow gays to be out in the open in the military. Because apparently before we legalized that, gay people couldn't protect our country, right? The military hasn't fallen since we've righted that. They are still fighting, people are still enlisting, nobody has been killed on the job just because they were standing next to a gay individual.

All I'm saying is that if Sarah wants to marry Suzy... let her. Is it really the end of the world? Is that really the biggest issue we have to face currently? Because I am fairly certain that we have wars going on, a budget in crisis, starving families in our own backyard, and real issues that need attention. Yet here we are wasting our tax dollars arguing about whether or not someone can get married.

Below is a picture of the first gay couple to be wed in New York when they legalized gay marriage.

You're telling me THAT is a threat to mankind?

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