Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh how i've missed you!

That's right bitches! I'm back! It's been forever since I actually wrote a blog and didn't post a million pictures or some random hoopla! I have been way busy! Artists On Demand is going crazy with talent and we are bringing on 2 more hosts, which will mean we are up to (if you leave me out) 7 hosts, 1 random host, 1 audio guy, and then me... the media relations coordinator. At least that is the name I have assigned myself. 

What else... hmmmm... back in school. Bachelors degree, here I come! I am the proud owner of my Associates degree in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism. Never thought I would see the day! I am not working toward my Bachelors in Communication: With a concentration in Public Relations and Mass Communication. I'm gonna rock this shit. 

I have also decided that I might move to LA.... Los Angeles... that city over there... the one with my Monkey girls in it... You know. Nikki and Vicky are moving...and if I can nail a job down pat... I am off. I will miss Payton for a few weeks while I get our life settled out there... but if I get a good paying job... it will be worth it. We are going to take that city by storm. Ikki Enterprizes bitches! Just you wait! You'll see me on the red carpet... hells yeah! 

Alright... well... I apparently have a very bright post to go make on Nikki's blog... so I am off! This is another rambling from the one and only... K (as Mr Graupner calls me)!



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