Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone! This year was a rough one and a lot has happen. The economy took even more of a nosedive than ever and it just stretched me to my limit. Next year is looking promising and I can not wait until I am on to what it is I want to do. I have the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and live with great friends and start a new chapter of my life and I want to take it so bad. I have to make sure I have every aspect of life settled though before I go. I can't just do things on a whim like I use to. I have to think of Payton. Things seemed to be falling into place and I think it is going to be an AMAZING chapter. I am 24 and I have a feeling my life is going to start to click into place. I have my first degree with my second one in the process, Payton is getting older, I have amazing friends that are willing to support me along the way, and I can not wait. Lets do this 2010!


P.S. Maybe I've already met the man of my dreams and L.A. will allow it to work... hmmm...

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