Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colin Healy and the Jetskis @ Hot Topic in Orlando, FL

I love Colin Healy and the Jetskis... and let me clarify! Colin, Harry, Cullen, Tony, and Jon are freaking awesome! I drove an hour to the Festival Bay mall in Orlando so I could see them play at Hot Topic. I made brownies because they said that brownies were awesome and they loved to gorge on them after the shows. So i made 3 dozen brownies and 2 dozen cookies. They loved them BTW. Anyway, so they had moved the show up and Hot Topic apparently didn't get the message so they weren't going to play.

So to be nice, Colin went out to the car and brought us in 2 cd's and the entire band autographed them. I even got them to write I hate your face on the corner. Which is awesome! Then they said they would give us a private concert outside, but Spinlight City came in and they all bombarded the Hot Topic people and they agreed to let them play earlier. While Hot Topic employees were moving their merchandise, we all sat out in the hall and hung out and played. Playing because I had my 17 month old daughter with me. Oh boy was she a handful. I will never forget the stroller again. She kept me running around like crazy. Then she apparently decided that this would be the one time to attach herself to a guy. And of course... she picks Jon, the bassist. He has tattoos on his arms and legs and facial hair. These 2 things are usually things she runs from. But not this time.

She clung to him and laid on his shoulder. Colin and Cullen were laughing as Payton patted him on the back, talked to him, wore his sunglasses, and just plain ol flirted. (She gets that from her mom). He even took pictures on his phone! When he had to go into the store to set up, she ran to the gate that they had lowered and yelled "What you doing? What you doing?" It was cute!

Finally the show was starting and we all went in to listen. Colin and the band opened first. It was the acoustic version. Just Cullen on guitar, Harry on guitar, and Colin singing. Colin sang to Payton during the first part and she kept reaching out for him. Then as they kept playing more songs, Tony jumped in with the tamborine and played. At the last song, Jon and the lead singer of Spinlight City jumped in to help him with some audience interaction. It was a blast.

Then Spinlight City came on and they did amazing. The lead singer sure does have some vocals on him. He was pretty friendly to Payton too. Waved to her and played with her in the hallway. After the show was over it was time to leave. We walked around saying our goodbyes to each guy from both bands. When we got to Jon, Payton instantly wanted him. Instead, he gave her a Colin Healy and the Jetskis toothbrush. She was thrilled. it was bright orange! I shall take a picture and post it later! Overall it was a great night! The band is fabulous and I can not wait until they come back for another show. I will definitely be front row for that!

So after a long tiring day... I am off!

~ Kristin ~

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