Friday, June 11, 2010

To whom it may concern:

Do you not think that it is creepy that you know so much about me? Your life is centered around my facebook and twitter. That is weird. It shouldn't matter who I am friends with or if we have mutual friends. People like me for a reason. You may not... but the thing is... I don't care. You don't like me because of things you think you know. You've never met me and truthfully... it doesn't matter if I ever do meet you. Your first impression is ruined. "You'll get along fine when you meet." means little to me. Sorry honey... one chance is all you get. It's why it is called a first impression. Second impressions mean nothing.

Maybe if you spent more time concentrating on yourself and your life situations than you do on me, that maybe things in your life would go the way you want them. Your friends wouldn't have to tell me that you pissed them off or your obsessing over stupid shit. I wouldn't have to be that persons venting board.

We are adults, so act like it. Grow up, concentrate on yourself and let me be. I could care less about you. You are like the evil stepsisters in Cinderella. Always telling her she isn't good enough and picking on her. So you are the evil stepsisters... and guess what? Cinderella wins.

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